Terms & Conditions


In order for us to honour 10 years workmanship warranty we will need you to get your system checked and serviced every 24 months at least. This shall include cleaning of solar panels from a professional. You will need to keep a log of all servicing and be able to show us when you are making a workmanship warranty claim

MIQ Energy Terms and Conditions

This agreement starts when you accept our offer set out in this quote, which you can do by accepting the offer over the phone or by sending us an email and signing, scanning, and sending the quote to our address by post or by email.

You warrant that you :


Prices mentioned on the website are applicable for a standard install. See below for details. Specifications for a standard install.

STC Govt. Rebate

A House should have the following features:

Single storey house, Pitched roof and the meter box should be up to date as per following specifications:

The property should be in the metro area of the respective city. Metro is defined as follows:


80 km from our Brisbane HQ at Brisbane.


80 km from the Melbourne office at Melbourne.


80 km from the Hobart office at Hobart.


80 km from the Perth office at Perth.


80 km from the Sydney office at Sydney.


80 km from the Adelaide office at Adelaide.

Install address must:

The following points must also be adhered to:

If you do not pay MIQ Energy the purchase price of the goods on the installation day

8 hours’ notice will be given by MIQ Energy to you for the return the goods. If you do not return the goods within 48 hours, you must allow MIQ Energy to enter your premises to take possession of the goods.

Upon signing the quote, any changes to the quote will incur an admin charge of $20. A new quote will be generated and sent to you.

MIQ Energy will beat any competitor’s quote by 5%, provided it fulfils the following conditions

STC Value

STC Value is subject to change


Australian dollar

Net Meter

Grid (NET) Meter is to be installed by your Electricity Retailers and not included in our quotation.


If you have a complaint relating to the System, its installation or this agreement generally, you can make a complaint to us by:


This agreement ends for any of the following reasons before we install a system at your premises and we will refund all the money you have paid under this agreement.


This agreement ends for any of the following reasons before we install a system at your premises and we will refund all the money you have paid under this agreement.


If you have a complaint relating to the System, its installation or this agreement generally, you can make a complaint to us by:


If it is reasonable to do so and are not prohibited by law from doing so; In effect of the price increase of the system or any part of it, the installation of the system, STC value increase or decrease and any item mentioned in this quote, MIQ Energy will notify you about this price change to cover the cost and provide you with a new written quote.

If you don’t agree to the revised price, then MIQ Energy will happily refund your deposit in full and cancel the contract. If you wish to accept the quote, then you will need to sign the new quote and scan/email it back to us before we can organise your installation.


MIQ Energy will apply for grid connection approval on your behalf as soon as we receive required information from you. This agreement is subject to grid connection approval being granted. Installation target day may change due to delays in installation.


The Purchaser grants to MIQ Energy permission, sufficient access or possession of the Site as is necessary to complete site inspections, delivery and the installation of the goods. Any failure to provide access or impede that access, such that the installation works cannot be conducted by MIQ Energy Australia may result in a change in the Price.


Standard Installation timeframe is 4-8 weeks, but it could be longer during peak periods and holidays. Any cancellations requested by the customer due to delay in installation will incur a cancellation admin fees of $200.



Any service related to solar products depends on warranty provided by MIQ Energy product supplier. MIQ Energy does not provide any warranty other than that provided by the manufacturer.

a.The Solar PV System comes with up to 10 Years Installation and Workmanship Warranty. from MIQ Energy in conjunction with the Manufacturer’s Warranty. A Solar PV System requires servicing every two years by a licenced Solar Installer. MIQ Energy does not provide warranty on monitoring systems which may come with the inverter.


Workmanship warranty for residential installations is 10 years in total, however the client must get their roof checked by an accredited installer one year after the initial installation to be eligible for the next 9 years of workmanship warranty. They should also be getting their roofing and system maintained and cleaned every two years.


Workmanship warranty for commercial installs is 5 years in total in line with Australian standards.


Financing is not available on advertised or promotional specials. Terms & Conditions for Repayment or Finance Options, including charges or interest, will be provided in full by the relevant company or entity prior to the customer entering into any such agreement.


MIQ Energy may choose to terminate this agreement & your installation if you do not abide by these Terms & Conditions or if STC prices fall considerably or supplier’s product prices increase & MIQ Energy is unable to proceed with the installation as per this agreement; in which case the deposit will be refunded minus Admin charge of $200.

You understand that under Australian Consumer Law & the relevant legislation you are entitled to a cooling-off period of ten (10) working days, where applicable. A Cancellation Request must be received by MIQ Energy in writing via email, fax, or post within this period.

If a Cancellation Request is received in this time, you may be eligible for a refund of your deposit less any administration charges or costs incurred during that time such as applications or work requests. Termination after the ten (10) days may result in the loss of the full deposit paid. Furthermore, as we normally procure the required materials within two weeks, or fourteen (14) days, of receiving a signed copy of this agreement, the customer may be required to pay material costs if the job is cancelled after this period.

If we have to reschedule the installation on the day of install due to non presence of the customer on the day at the property unless previously agreed in writing, then it will require a reschedule fees as per the installers cancellation rates agreed with us in his contract.

If the installation has to be cancelled on the day of installation due to incorrect or insufficient information provided by the customer about the property or the meter, then the customer will have to pay cancellation fees of the installer. If the installation cannot go ahead due to incorrect information provided by customer at the time of sale, then customer’s full deposit amount will be retained by MIQ Energy and they will not be eligible for any refunds.